About Me

I wish I could think of a few clever paragraphs to describe myself, but I can’t. I am a twist here, and a turn there. I am up’s, down’s, in’s, and out’s. I have spent a life time trying to figure out who I am, and almost every day I surprise myself with something new. Just when I finally think everything about me is floating on the surface I realize the ocean of my persona runs so deep there is no bottom.

In reality, I am just like you. I am not any better or any worse. I was born, will live my life, and someday I will die just like everyone else. I am one person amongst millions of other people out there who live on this planet. I just want to be happy, loved, and give love.

My biggest hope is that someone out there will find what I write about interesting, and entertaining. I have a message to deliver, and it is up to you to decide what that message is. If I can make a difference or if I can help someone out there like me then all of my trials will have been worth it.
I invite every man, and woman to read my stories. Come journey with me through my life, get to know who I really am, and I hope you will feel like sharing a part of yourself in my blog too.
If I could sum myself up in one sentence I would say;

I am a beautiful, courageous, loving, worthy woman.
Love E