I have made up a character list to protect everyone’s privacy.  If you know any of the people on this list, please respect their right to stay anonymous.

Thanks “E”

Character List

E/ Me

Bart/ My husband

Whorley/ The affair partner

Joey/ Whorley’s husband

Patrice/ Daughter

Lyle/ Daughter’s husband

Paul/ Joey’s dad

Mandy/Joey’s mom

Twitch/Joey’s brother


Landon/Daughter’s husband

Steve/Sub contractor

Veronica/ Bart’s sister

Dick/ Neighbor

Randall/ Friend

Chief Stans/ Cop

Chief Pierce/Cop




Tamicka/ Joey’s sister

Wes/ Lawyer

Roxanne/ Whorley’s Mom

Undercover cop

County Attorney

Tracey/Friend of Whorely

Blake/Lady Killer